You know that as Jeri Christmas I've been planning all kinds of holiday parties! We recently had our Grinch-themed lunch at work, and we'll be having our Christmas party this weekend. But I still have several holiday gatherings coming up that I have to prep for!

The best part about a holiday party, actually, just about any gathering, is the food, dessert and beverages. If there's a theme, you have to have foods and drinks that compliment the theme! So as I was browsing Instagram today, I came across Cotton Blossom Winery, which is a quaint and delicious local craft winery in Marlow. I noticed they had a wine called "Jingle Juice" that's a white cranberry wine, and another one called "Oh Snap!" that's a sweet gingerbread infused dessert wine. Aren't those PERFECT for a holiday party?!

But that got me wondering, what other wineries are in Oklahoma? We've seen a lot of breweries popping up around the state, so I decided to look into Oklahoma wineries. And let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that Oklahoma has a great selection of wineries! You can get a locally crafted glass of vino in just about every corner of Oklahoma. You can even try grapes from around the world at some of these Oklahoma wineries.

Scroll down to view the Top Oklahoma Wineries and Vineyards!

Putting this together also helped me plan our next weekend trip or staycation as there are a few vineyards that have the most romantic inns. And there are some that have activities for the whole family! No matter what kind of wine adventure you're looking into, you'll be sure to find it in Oklahoma.

Top Oklahoma Wineries and Vineyards

Wineries and vineyards have been popping up all over Oklahoma over the last few years! Here are some that you should check out.

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