Well, this is the month of the Woman.  I have never really felt like I could be honored for anything other than the two wonderful children that I bore, so I won't ever make a historical figure that women of the future will study. But I do have a story all my own, so let me tell you the History of Jeri!

I'm proud to be an Army brat, although I don't think I was bratty at all.  Here's a little bit of trivia for you, I was born at a place that isn't there anymore.  Fort Ord, California.  Of course I don't remember any of it at all.  We moved shortly after to Arizona, then to Virginia, New Jersey, and Texas, before my dad finally retired here at Fort Sill.  He love it here because of the climate.  He could fish or hunt nearly the whole year, and when he wasn't doing that, he was the best mechanic ever!

In my family, I am the middle child.  Some say that I have middle child syndrome; that I have a servant nature and that I'm a bit more timid than my siblings.  I'd say that is pretty accurate.  I remember walking to school, and making sure to keep an eye on my sister, even though she is just 15 months younger than me. There are David, Larry, Jeri, Linda and Denise.  That's me smack in the middle. I'm the one who would help mom in the kitchen from the time we started doing dishes until she went into the retirement home.

I married a man that was here in Lawton, and with him, my 2 children were born.  The marriage did not last, but my love for Lawton did.  This is where I call my home and will for the rest of my life.

About 20 years ago I called KLAW listener line to enter a contest.  I think it was the CMA's.  I told the Announcer my picks and he said I sounded like I knew country music and I had to let him know that my Dad was a huge country music fan and we all grew up listening on his records. Yes, actual records, in fact, I still have several at my house that were my Dads. The Announcer was Eric Sharum, he said the station was looking for a female co host, and would I be interested.  Of course I was sure he was joking and I never called.  Long story short, a friend who worked here saw me and said he was serious, I called, interviewed they next day with him, his boss, and the General Manager and started the next Monday!  That was 20 years ago and it's the best job I've ever had, until I became Nana.

At this time, between my husband and I, we have 9 grandchildren and one on the way.  My family is my whole life, and I'm sure that it will never win awards, but they have given me so much joy.  I'm so blessed to be in this place, now living in my Mom's house, surrounded by family as often as possible.  And I get to share all of that with you, my friends each weekday morning.  Yes, blessed is the best word for my history.  I celebrate that all year long, not just Women's Month.