Once Thanksgiving dinner is over what happens? After desert you will find Uncle Brad and Cousin Jimmy plopped down watch Football in front of the TV, ladies talking over the year' events in the kitchen while cleaning dishes and separating leftovers to take home.Grandma and Grandpa may want to lay down for an afternoon nap, but it doesn't have to be that way!

We suggest the afternoon be filled with Family games and prizes to the winner of each game or round.

We have compiled a list of our Top 5 Games for Thanksgiving Day starting with number 5.

  • 5

    Candy Land

    The Candy Land was created in 1945 originally by Eleanor Abbot and in 1949 was sold to Milton Bradley Company (now owned by Hasbro). This game is a race around a storyline board consists of a winding, linear track made of 134 spaces, most red, green, blue, yellow, orange or violet and is about finding the lost king of Candy Land.

    Milton Bradley/Hasbro
  • 4


    The Game of Life is a well know family board game originally created in 1860 by Milton Bradley originally known as "Life". This game simulates the travels through ones life, from college to retirement, with jobs, marriage, and possible children along the way.

    Milton Bradley/Hasbro
  • 3


    Monopoly is a well know family board game that has roots back to 1924 originally known as "The Landlords Game" it has forty spaces of which twenty-eight properties, three Chance spaces, three Community Chest spaces, a Luxury Tax space, an Income Tax space, and the four corner squares. Each player begins the game with their token on the Go square, and $1,500 in play money. The object of the game is to end with the most money and this can be achieved by purchasing properties with the most rent, so the owner makes the most when another player stops on your property.

    Parker Brothers/Hasbro
  • 2


    The Uno card deck consists of four colors: yellow, green, red and blue with two of each numbered 1-9 and one of each color in 0. The deck also has two each of cards in each color, labeled "skip", "draw two", and "reverse". There are also four special black action cards, "wild" and "wild draw four". The object is to get to rid of your cards and call the word "Uno" once you have 1 card remaining or you could end up drawing two cards if someone else notices.

  • 1

    Spoons aka Pig and Tongue

    This game is played with a pack of ordinary playing cards and spoons or other objects. There is 1 less spoon than players and the object is once someone gets 4 of a kind they will grab a spoon and the other players need to grab quickly to get a remaining spoon.