Since when did country music stars start "glamorizing" being arrested? There's a T-shirt for sale on Brantley Gilbert's website that has a mugshot of his face.  There's also his "inmate ID" number and the date he was arrested, which was May 3, 2005. The back of the T-shirt continues the arrest theme.  It says "Read Me My Rights."  It looks very authentic, because it is.

It came up in a recent interview with the "New York Daily News".  They asked what he was arrested for and he tried to be funny.  He said, "I'm from Georgia.  We go to jail to learn lessons."

He adds, "The hardest part was finding a mugshot that looked unapologetic.  Most of the pictures had that 'Please don't call my mom' look."

I say "Shame on you Brantley Gilbert!" You want our kids to buy your merchandise and your CD's and you think it's funny that you've been arrested so many times that you had to look through a bunch of your mugshots to find one that didn't look apologetic? I think you should pull this shirt off your website and stop acting like being arrested is no big deal, that that's where a Georgia boy "learns lessons".

You've said you are cleaning up your act and that you've quit drinking. I commend you for that now how about be ashamed that you've been arrested and pull the t-shirt off your website?