To call Brett Eldredge a "free spirit" would be an understatement. When the singer/songwriter landed his first No. 1, “Don’t Ya,” he decided a good way to celebrate would be by throwing himself out of a perfectly good airplane. So when the follow-up single, “Beat of the Music,” hit the top of the charts, Brett decided he needed to out-do himself.

Of course he upped the ante by lowering the bar -- or at least the altitude as Eldredge celebrated his second strait chart topper by lowering himself (and some close friends) into the gorgeous water in Nassau, Bahamas, where he hosted a swim with sharks. Yes, sharks. Actual sharks. And not the kind you normally find in the music industry.

But then again, Brett had warned us that the dive was coming if his latest single, “Beat Of The Music” hit No. 1. Not only did he follow through, but he went for the gusto, as he did it without the safety of a shark-proof cage, as you can see for yourself in the video below.

There’s no telling what the next No. 1 will bring, but Brett sure has set an adventurous precedent. Can someone please check to see if Eldredge has NASA's phone number?