Gamers in Lawton have had an awesome opportunity to tone their skills with the Townsquare Media Call of Duty MW3 Gaming Tournament, continuing in West Lawton at Laugh Out Loud Lawton, 6720 Quannah Parker Trailway. 

As the Free For All competition comes to an end, the teams will move to two areas to complete the tournament.

Winners in the Free For All:

  • Game One:
  • Angel Helmick
  • Christian Dedmon
  • Edward Perez
  • Game Two
  • Rudy Reyna
  • Colton Smith
  • Craig Etter
  • Game Three
  • Jonathan Schraffenberger
  • Skyler Stevens
  • Jordan Brown
  • Game Four
  • Justin Mariano
  • Carlin Brown
  • Malcolm Topawn
  • Game Five
  • Marquise Paras
  • David Johnson
  • Zach Rodriguez

Free For All Champions

  1. Marquise Paras
  2. Skyler Stevens
  3. Jonathan Schaffenberger