Another Reason I Stay Away From The Beach [VIDEO]
You never know what you will see when you go to beach and the people that were at St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia got treated to quite a show by Sandy Andy. Nothing like a great beat of a song and a sparkly speedo. Awwwww Summer is just around the corner!
Watch the Evolution of Dance in Over 100 Movies [VIDEO]
Hot on the heels of the awesome movie supercuts 25 Unscripted Scenes and 50 Trippiest Drug Hallucinations comes another epic montage from YouTuber extraordinaire Mewlists. This one covers the evolution of dance in film over the past 89 years. To say stars have stepped it up would be an understatem…
Security Guard Dances Up A Storm In Tampa[VIDEO]
It seems at sporting events the mascots always pick on the Security Guards that are trying to do their jobs and keep the players safe. Well one Security Guard in Tampa finally decided to play along and after further research it seems he is a repeat offender ...