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There’s No Clowning Around In Texas Town
Whether you believe the reports of clown sightings across the nation, blame them on mass hysteria or chalk them up to a promotional frenzy for upcoming Halloween movies or haunted housed, or even the upcoming release of the remake of Stephen King's "IT", you have to admit, we …
Tyson Announces Chicken Recall
Citing numerous complaints from consumers of finding foreign materials in chicken, Tyson Foods recalled more than 132,000 pounds of fully cooked chicken products for a possible contamination of hard plastic, the USDA stated Tuesday.
History Made As JetBlue Flight Lands In Cuba
It was a 90 minute flight, uneventful, just like thousands of others today, but when JetBlue Airlines Flight 387 touched down earlier today, it was the first time in more that half a century that a direct commercial flight originating in the United States touched down in the island nation of Cuba.
Time To Spring Forward
It's time to spring into action: Daylight Saving Time will be upon us Sunday morning. You'll be loosing an hour's sleep Saturday night, and Sunday morning it'll be a just bit harder to drag yourself out of bed (or you could just sleep an hour later).

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