Glenn Beck’s Final Fox News Show To Air
Glenn Beck and his trusty blackboard will make their last appearance on Fox News Thursday evening.
The right-wing Beck joined Fox News in January 2009, and at his peak in January 2010, his show averaged 2.9 million viewers daily, the Associated Press reported.
Parents Would Rather Have a Boy Than a Girl: Poll
A recent Gallup poll of 1,020 adults shows that, if Americans could only have one child, they’d rather have a boy than a girl
According to the poll, published Thursday, 40 percent said they’d want to have a boy, while 28 percent said they’d rather have …
Office Pranks – Gotta Love ‘Em!
When I got to work this morning, I stepped into the Sales office to get something from my desk.  As I turned on the lights, I found a trail of photocopies of Sunday's newspaper leading the way to a co-workers desk.

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