Sharing My Thoughts on ‘I Hold On’ by Dierks Bentley [REVIEW]
When you work in radio you don't 'listen' to the radio like most people. We hear things you don't hear and you hear things we don't hear.
Trust me, just ask my friends. We will be sitting in a fast food restaurant that has KLAW on the overhead and I'll stop mid sentence because I either heard or didn…
Marriage Isn’t For You, Or Me!
A friend recently sent me a blog post with the title "Marriage Isn't For You" and my first reaction was "WELL! How dare they! They don't know me! I adore my husband." But the stubbornness in me decided to read the story and I am so glad I did! I loved it…
Jason Michael Carroll, ‘Close Enough’ – Song Review
Jason Michael Carroll pulls back the production to reveal a new sensitivity in his single 'Close Enough.' The singer has a unique way of taking a phrase and turning, twisting and shaping it to mean several different things within a three-minute song. It's a talent that's on displ…
Luke Bryan, ‘Crash My Party’ – Album Review
Luke Bryan plays it safe on 'Crash My Party,' his new album and the follow-up to the tremendously successful 'Tailgates and Tanlines.' With the exception of the infusion of hip-hop on two songs, there is little to differentiate the two projects.
Zac Brown Band, ‘Sweet Annie’ – Song Review
The Zac Brown Band's new single 'Sweet Annie' is another vocal and lyrical showcase for the singer. The collaborative spirit that defined them early on is missing, making the ensemble sound more like Zac Brown's band instead of the Zac Brown Band.

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