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See What Facebook Would’ve Looked Like in the ’90s
Ever wonder what Facebook would’ve looked like back in the early days of the internet? Well, wonder no more. The fine folks at have unearthed this (fake) VHS tape from the 20th century TV show ‘Wonders of the World Wide Web,’ which discusses a…
Facebook Makes Me Feel Fat! [POLL]
Facebook is so popular. Everyone, or,  almost everyone, has a page, and share their lives with us everyday, from "what's for lunch?", to the heartache after a break-up, or the loves of their lives.
Did You Pull Any April Fools Day Jokes?
Facebook was littered with funny little stories on the 1st of April.  Did you get in on the fun as well?  I read somewhere some women announced they were expecting, some friends were adopting a child from China; another said that he had rechecked his lottery ticket and had actually won!&nb…
6 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest
We all like to share our opinions and “likes” all over the internet, so the geniuses at Pinterest created a way for us to just clip, collect and post the things we see and love, and then share them with the world.
Seems simple, right? Well, not really. There are a few thi…

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