When Do We Get the Most and Least Sleep?
There are tons of factors that can affect your sleep on a nightly basis — like how much activity you got that day, what you ate, and how stressed you are. These factors usually vary based on your habits, but Jawbone, maker of fitness wristbands, was able to gather data that shows how Americans…
New Years Resolutions Friend or Foe?
Resolutions - The Oxford Dictionary defines resolution as a noun.  (1a: firm decision to do or not to do something:she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more, a New Year’s resolution.) It's the latter of the two that is coming into focus.
A New Discovery Of A Pill That Helps Manage Rage
There's a magic pill out there that can stop you from instantly getting ENRAGED and threatening to murder every driver who cuts you off, every telemarketer who calls your house, and every dog who looks at you funny.
And . . . it's aspirin...
Is Black Friday The Best Day to Shop?
I am not a fan of stores being open on Thanksgiving Day and I am sure the heck not going to go out on the Friday after Thanksgiving to do any shopping. I leave that to the crazy bargain hunters. (Personally, I value my life!) Black Friday may be the busiest day to shop during the holiday season, but…

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