You are a young healthy woman.  You eat right, and you exercise.  There is no way that you could have premature baby.  Right?

Think again.  Just ask Leslie Beavers.  Her normal pregnancy was anything but, and the result was a delivery at 28 weeks and 5 days with a 2.5 pound baby girl named Cayden.

"I remember sitting in class that day (about volunteering for March of Dimes) while she talked and shared pictures of her babies in the NICU and thinking to myself, there's no way this would ever happen to me - I'm healthy, I exercise regularly, I eat right.  I'll have normal pregnancies just like everyone else in my family has done."

The March of Dimes primary focus for the last several years has been research and protocols surrounding the number of premature births in our country.  The numbers are astounding. And, yes, even if you do everything right, it could happen to you. Here are a few pictures from Leslie's 6 week hospital stay after Cayden's delivery.

How can you help?  Just show up this Saturday, May 24th at 1pm at Southwestern Medical Center for this year's March for Babies.  Show your support for those who have been a witness of the miracles of the tiniest of babies.  Help to raise money to continue the research and volunteer with the March of Dimes.