Remember growing up and you could not wait to hear the latest country song? Sitting by the radio for hours on end (especially in the summer time) to hear George Jones, Tammy Wynette or Buck Owens.

Saturday nights, we would all get together and wait patiently as the old radio warmed up and we would listen to the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville on that powerful radio station still broadcasting today.

Later on when television took center stage, we watched shows like the Wilburn Brothers, Jim Ed Brown or Porter Wagoner. Then like clockwork at 7:00 Hee Haw came into our living rooms.

All of these have a common bond. They all produced many a great country star whose music is time tested and is a treasure for all of us to enjoy for many years to come. Each Saturday morning, I get the privilege to play the exact same songs again. Just like they were new on the charts again.

Join me starting at 5:00am today and each week for Classic Country Saturday morning. We will have a theme from time to time. If you have a particular artist or group you would like to hear, let me know. I will be glad to put them into the spotlight.