Facebook has been blowing up over the suspected use of  "cheat sheet lyrics" written on Luke Bryan's hand during the National Anthem at last night All-Star MLB game.  I say, what difference does it make?  When you are tasked with the honor of performing our Nation's most highly regarded song, wouldn't you want to make sure that it's the abosulte best that you can do?  Wouldn't you want to make sure that you sing it right?

There are countless numbers of artists who have tried and failed to sing this hard, hard song.  Most recently, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and American Idol fame, failed to hit the high notes and flubbed lyrics at the AFC Championship game in January.  And how about the Super Bowl performance from Christini Aguilara?  Take a look at that flub.

There are some awesome Country  and Pop Artists who have nailed the National Anthem. A couple that come to mind immediately are Faith Hill and the late Whitney Houston.  And even Scotty McCreery, whose performance was only heard for half of the song due to a dead microphone.

I guess the major question is;  would you rather they check for key words in the National Anthem, or look like an idiot for messing it up?  I say read on Luke!