Allie and Bama were stolen 5 years ago from their backyard and their owners thought they will never see their beloved pets ever again – until that late night phone call that changed everything.

Brenda Travis and her husband Tom Shields were living in Tennessee at the time when their two basset hounds were stolen one day from the backyard. The couple did everything they could to find their dogs – called vet clinics around town, offered money reward, talked to neighbors, posted flyers – but no luck. The dogs were gone forever, or at least that’s what they thought.

"It was just like a death in the family. We had had them for four years and they were just our babies so it was devastating," Travis told Fox News Kansas.

However, a few days ago the couple received a strange late night call from a Dallas vet clinic – the doctor asked if the couple had basset hounds. Sheilds said yes but that they were stolen 5 years ago.

It turns out Allie and Bama were wondering around a Dallas highway when someone spotted them and took the dogs to a near by shelter. The doctors at the shelter were able to identify the dogs from a micro-chip implanted in Bama.

As soon as Allie and Bama saw their owners parents they ran up to them. All four are now reunited.