The family dinner table. Used to be this is where we could all catch up on what happened during the day.  Politics might be discussed or maybe anything revolving around entertainment.

It's not really entertaining to talk politics anymore. People screaming insane, partisan rants 24 hours a day on cable news and Facebook has pretty much sucked the fun out of it. And that's especially true at dinner.

According to a new survey, people say they rarely talk politics with their family at dinner. People are more likely to talk about celebrity news, the weather, sports, TV, gas prices, traffic, and movies than politics.

Also, the survey found the average family only eats together around 10 times a month and only talks for about 22 minutes each time. I  wonder if that will ever revert back to the days where we all sat and would eat together instead of in shifts.

Do you and your family eat dinner together every day? Do you find it more difficult now to do so?