There is only about 3 weeks left in this year’s cookie sale. To help finish it off with a bang, cookie booths will be open for the remaining weekends through March 27. If you are looking for a nearby booth, I’ve linked the locator page below where you can type in any zip code and find a booth near you and the dates they will be open.

This year, anyone with an iPhone or Droid phone can download a free cookie booth locator app to find a cookie booth near them. The free app searches by town and/or zip code. It also features a fun cookie personality quiz, information on all six varieties of cookies, and an alert option to let you know when a Girl Scout booth is near you. Search the smart phone app for “GSCookies” to download the free application.

For more information on this year’s cookie sale, contact our local Lawton Community Development Executive at 580-357-7737 or e-mail her