The complexity of the lyrics of Jennifer Nettles' new single, "His Hands," are made even more profound when sung as a duet. Every night, the powerhouse vocalist does just this with tour-mate Brandy Clark on her "That Girl" tour. The song begins with a story of a woman's falling in love with "the perfect gentleman," but romance quickly turns to violence, revealed in the second verse, as that the "gentleman" shows himself to be a monster. With Clark trading lines towards the end of the song, it becomes a conversation between two abused women, with one advising the other to "get out while you can."

The song, co-written by Nettles, Hillary Lindsey and Ashley Gorley, is quite different from Nettles' work with Sugarland. "I'm a different version of myself than what people might have known before. Not only in my songwriting and performance, but even in the sounds on this album. It reflects a more soulful, grittier life. A lot has been lived in the time between the last record I made and now, and you can hear that."

The video for "His Hands" was released Monday and features Nettles and Clark performing the song together at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.