With Little Big Town coming to the Ft. Sill Polo Field on Saturday, July 5th, it got the K-LAW Morning Crew to thinking (always a dangerous proposition.) What are our top 5 favorite Little Big Town Videos? Now this is not a scientific poll, done on large computers in the back room of a prestigious university, just a couple of LBT fans playing around on YouTube. These are not the videos of their top hits, just our favorite videos from Karen, Kimberly, Jimi and Philip.


  • Sober

    This was a unanimous choice for the list as both Jeri & Seth agreed it belonged right here. From the album Tornado, it peaked at number 27 on the Country Singles charts, despite many favorable reviews.

  • Little White Church

    The music video for "Little White Church", directed by Kristin Barlowe, premiered on June 1, 2010. The single debuted at number 48 on the U.S. Country Songs charts the week of March 20, 2010. It became the group's first Top 10 single since "Bring It On Home" in 2006, reaching a peak of number 6 in October, 2010.

  • Your Side Of The Bed

    This video, which features real life husband and wife Karen and Jimi on co-lead vocals and playing a troubled husband and wife, also features Kimberly on guitar, a role she doesn't often fill. The video for "Your Side of the Bed" was directed by Becky Fluke and premiered in May 2013, receiving countless positive reviews. The single has sold over 200,000 copies in the United States, peaking at #27 on the U.S. Country Charts.

  • Little More You

    The music video fot Little More You was directed by Roger Pistole, premiering in April 2007. The single debuted at number 53 on the U.S. Country chart the week of March 3, 2007, peaking at #20.

  • Shut Up Train

    Though not released as a single, Shut Up Train from the 2010 album The Reason Why used haunting vocals from Karen Fairchild to capture the hopelessness of depression. The dark tones of the accompanying video further captured the hopelessness of a person trapped in a world of despair.