I love to read, so when Mrs. Camerena asked if I would read to her 4th grade class at Fletcher Elementary as part of their Celebration of Freedom, of course I said, "Yes!"


Last weeks' recognition of Patriot's Day on September 11 was the inspiration for the first book that I read.  It was titled "September 12", and was a book written and illustrated by Masterson Elementary School in Kinnet, Missouri.  They told the Nation why they knew that everything would be alright.  What a great book for children, by children!


Next I read a 'search and find' book featuring all of the "Americana" of the United States.  It was fun to see what each page held.

Thanks so much to Mrs. Camerena and her 4th grade class at Fletcher Elementary School!  I hope you will let me come again!

What is your favorite "Patriotic" Book?