In honor of our Ladies Night Out event, I present to you: Gadgets You Ought to Know. These are basically products, designs and inventions I think are really cool and could be useful to any and every one, but especially for the ladies. No, not because of some repressed archaic view of my social, political, and economic responsibility as a woman...shout out to all the feminists. It's just that these gadgets appealed to my feminine side for one reason or another, and I wanted to share my discovery of them with you. Whether it was something that looked as though it could assist in my day to day activities, my family, my career, or just something I thought was really fascinating, I wanted you to know about it.

The first product I came across in my search was a product called Ultra Ever Dry.

Ultra-Ever Dry

I am one of those people who cannot wear white....or anything too light for that matter. I have NEVER been able to keep it clean. A smudge of makeup here, a drop of random condiment there...heck, between the “hair color-ring-around-the-collars” and the “I have no idea what the hell that stain is and how it got there” issues, I don’t even bother purchasing anything light, bright or two shades from white anyway.

I absolutely hate it because, in my mind, I’m this fashionista dipped ever so lightly in a glowing white or pastel Spring-Summer Haute Couture number, fresh off the runways of Paris. Yes... I think it's clear that I have a very vivid imagination!


The problem is, I am never able to wear white, or anything similar, more than once or twice.Those laundry detergent commercials that talk about making your whites “whiter" and brights "brighter”? LIES! It’s all lies I tell ya! I bleach and I pre-wash and I pre-soak & still that stain, and the dingy yellow/sepia toned hue the entire outfit now has, NEVER COMES OUT. I'm left feeling like Lady Macbeth yelling, "Out, damned spot" every time I do laundry. That’s why this product resonated with me so much.

The commercial says it has a “Revolutionary Super Hydrophobic Coating that repels water and refined oils using nanotechnology.” Ummm, what? Not sure what that means…not sure if it’s even true, but I’d love to try it out. They go way outta their way to demonstrate just how well this stuff is supposed to work.These guys are throwing whole buckets of “dookie water” (which is just my own personal way of saying brown, dingy, disgusting looking water) on each other! Looks interesting...any volunteers?

Ultra Ever Dry is NOT for the faint at heart. You have to wear a respirator, safety glasses and nitro gloves before you are even able to apply this stuff. If you apply too much, it says it can “increase color effect on the substrate.” What does that mean? It’ll probably turn my pristine white interview shirt that same irritating sepia toned hue I spoke of earlier. Not sure, but I guess I'll have to get creatively experimental like they do in their how-to videos before I commit to an outfit I really like. I'll keep you posted!