If you are like me, you are a last minute planner for Halloween.  I always have good intentions, but rarely do I finish my plans before the occasion arrives.

Here's some help for your last minute costume worries:

 No matter how annoying you may find these insurance 'professionals', you have to admit the costume is super simple.  Flo & Mayhem


Well, this certainly seems doable.  Mr. and Mrs. Pacman always showing that PDA!  Just slip into all black and don the yellow circles for a simple costume idea. Pacman and Mrs Pacman

I really think this is the most clever of all of the Do It Yourself costumes that I have ever seen.  How many of us could live without our Social Media?  Why not take our favorite media outlets along for our Halloween gathering?  Social Media - Facebook and Twitter

What last minute 'Do It Yourself' costume ideas do you have?