Was I the last woman in the world to see "Magic Mike"?  I couldn't have been, since I know for a fact that my mom hasn't been, and it was the first time for the friend that went with me.  I had heard mixed reviews, and some of my friends that had seen it, but I was determined to see for myself what all the buzz was about.

Now you may not believe this, but in my 50 plus years, I have NEVER been to a male stripper show.  Yes, it's true I was a 'stripper show' virgin.  So, I didn't know what to expect from the movie about male strippers.  In two words...I likey!

The story was pretty simple; man gives up the bad life for the love of a woman.  I like a love story, don't you?  And if you want to include some half naked men while you're telling it, I am OK with that too! As my partner Frank Seres likes to say "What's not to like?   Does it matter that Matthew McConaughey just got married?  Not really.  He still looks good.  The young guys Channing Tatum, and Matt Bomer looked good too.  Take a look at the trailer for 'Magic Mike'.

So, for this 50 year old former 'strip show' virgin, I am going to have to give the movie two thumbs up.  Not because it was a masterpiece of acting or dancing or singing (please Matthew, just look pretty!), but because it did what it set out to do; be a fun movie.  Entertainment doesn't have to make you think.

Did you like the movie?