The new office colors of Lawton these days seems to be Orange, yellow and White. Most everywhere you look you see orange construction signs, flashing yellow lights or orange and white cones and barrels. Is Lawton turning into the construction capital of Oklahoma?

I asked you on our station Facebook page what is the "Most Annoying Construction Project In Lawton" and it was a landslide win for 38th Street.

38th street project seems to be a sore subject with a lot of Lawton residents, this is a high traffic area with Comanche County Memorial Hospital , Cameron University and many other businesses on and around 38th street. When it comes to high traffic streets there is really no good time to do road construction but this happens to be an extremely bad time of year with Cameron being in session and all three of our high schools using Cameron's football stadium for home game. As I was taking pictures of the 38th street project construction I struck up a conversation with a worker and he said the he sees the frustration on peoples face as they drive by and some have even waved at him...with on finger.

Other projects the people mentioned were Rogers Lane, this one effects me the most because this is how I go home and come to work everyday and it is one lane west bound from 38th to about 52nd and then east bound 38th street to just before Sheridan. Other construction mentioned were 17th and Smith and I-44 southbound just past Comanche Nation Casino.

Here are some of the construction sites around Lawton.  You may want to find an alternate route.


How has the road construction affected your commute?