David and I were out shopping over the weekend and he was getting his testosterone refill in the tool section at Sears so I decided to do some clothes shopping!  I tried on a few dresses and was completely disgusted with myself so I decided to move to another department.  I stumbled upon this retro pink and white Schwinn bicycle and immediately knew I had to have it!  All I needed to do was whine a little and it was mine!

We took the bike home and assembled it and the first time I took it out down the road the horses went to bucking and running with tails straight in the air and the bulls froze in total fear!  Funny to say the least.

I have decided I am going to put my camera around my neck and take my bike out and start taking pictures around The Mace Place.  I'll share them here and on my Facebook page as well.  Hope you enjoy them!