President Obama announced on Friday that some illegal immigrants can now apply for work permits and stay in the country without facing deportation. Smart political move or would that decision cause the end of his presidency?

ABC News is reporting that more than 800,000 current illegal immigrants are immediately qualified under the new Obama announcement.

Children who’ve been brought in the country by their illegal immigrant parents before they were 16-years-old, don’t have criminal records, and have lived in the country for five consecutive years can get a two year work permit, also they need to be currently enrolled in high school, college education, or have served in the military.

Would the new decision influence the Latino vote? Political experts seem to think so. Brent Wilkes, executive director for League of United Latin American Citizens said in an ABC News interview ‘(the new decision) gives Latinos an added reason not only to support the president but to actually turn out and vote.’

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hasn’t responded officially to President Obama’s announcement. What do you think about the new deportation reform?