I don't know what hit me this week but it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I've heard there is something going around.  We were coming home from Dallas on Sunday when I felt that tickle in my throat and the scratchiness in my ears.  Oh I hate getting sick.

By Tuesday afternoon I was down for the count.  I was laying in my nice snugly warm bed by the time David got home from work.  He came upstairs and said that 8899 was calving.  I could see her out my bedroom window!  She kept getting up and turning to look almost like she didn't know what was happening "back there".  I had the perfect view! I wanted to take pictures so I could post them but decided that was probably not a good idea.  Some might not get the same excitement I do watching a cow calf.  I sat and watched and saw the little face!  I kept yelling down to David how she was progressing.  I'm sure he was rolling his eyes while he was sitting in his chair catching up on the local news.

Well, it all just came to a halt.  The calf was halfway out and there was no progression so I yelled down to David that the baby was stuck!  He took off out the back door like a bullet and I was right behind him in my mud boots, pink flannel jammies and major bed head!  (Thank goodness we live in the middle of nowhere!)  He reached the cow, who was now laying there exhausted with a calf half way out.  I am amazed at how quick my husband thinks.  He reached down and ripped open the sack so the baby could breath and then proceeded to grab the calves front feet and lean back pulling.  The cow gets up and starts to walk away dragging David with her.  He yells to me (the words I hate hearing the most) "Nan!  Get the chains!"  Awh CRUD!  Does she not know I'm not feeling well?  I have on my favorite pink jammies!  I turn and run toward the house to get the chains, David turns and runs to the barn to get the rest.  We meet in the middle to find the calf completely out!  We both look at each other with a look of relief on our faces and then realize.  "OH NO!  This is the crazy cow, she's gonna get up and come after one of us!"  We both took off in different directions; he toward the barn and me toward the house and my nice snugly warm bed!