Every year when the snow melts, cities, states, and local municipalities make plans to remedy the havoc that winter snow plows and chained tires have wreaked on their roads. But all to often they never get fixed.

In a recent survey by Main Street . Com Oklahoma didn't Fair to well when ranked against all 50 states and the condition of their roads. Here is the break down of Oklahoma roads.




Poor-condition mileage rank: 3 out of 50
Deficient bridges rank: 13 out of 50
Fatalities rank: 11 out of 50
Congestion rank: 34 out of 50

With more than 400 miles of the iconic Route 66 within its borders, Oklahoma has not benefited from the road's historic status to attract more money to its road system. It logs the third-highest amount of poor-condition mileage in the U.S., while its bridges rank 13th. Fatalities are also a problem in the Sooner State, but the authorities are at least addressing the problem. For a ful list of states click on the source.

Source: Yahoo Finance

So which roads in Lawton are the worst and need to be fixed ?