When Jessica Eaves of Guthrie had her wallet stolen while grocery shopping she knew exactly who the culprit was and what she was going to do about it. 

Approaching the man in a crowded aisle, she game him a choice; she'd call the police or he could return the wallet and she'd forgive him. Eaves said "He started crying when we walked up to the front." He told her he was broke and had kids and was embarrassed and sorry. Only when they reached checkout did Eaves sense fate was at work. Though she rarely carries cash, she had $28 in her wallet; his bill came to just over $27 so she paid for his groceries.

Eaves said she never wanted any attention over what happened. However, since she posted the story on Facebook, it has been shared online by thousands. She said she now wants the story to be one that inspires people to be compassionate.

"What I did that day should be the norm," Eaves said.

Source: KOCO