This years Operation Rising Star is being held at the Impact Zone on Fort Sill.  The first night of competition was a tough one!  6 very talented representatives gave it their all.  The judges had a very hard time deciding who would advance onto the semi-finals.  Each contestant is required to sing 2 songs, one song from whatever genre they choose and one patriotic song.

Haunani Livsey, a spouse representing the 258th Sig Co - 75th Brigade first song was How You Live and her patriotic song was God Bless America.

Jovania Coleman, a spouse representing HHB, 3-2, 31st ADA sang On My Own and America the Beautiful.

SGT Joseph Goodridge, representing MEDDAC sang Living on a Prayer and America the Beautiful.

SPC Markus Washington, representing the 77th Army Band, sang My Girl and America the Beautiful.

MAJ Larry Allison, representing 1 Bde 95th Div, sang When I Fall In Love and the Star Spangled Banner.

And SGT Kristopher Marting, representing A Btry, 4-3, 31st ADA sang I'll Be and the Star Spangled Banner.

The three contestants moving on to the next round were SGT Markus Washington, SGT Kristopher Martin and Jovania Coleman.  The next preliminary round will be held this Friday evening (August 19th) at the Impact Zone on Fort Sill.  The competition starts at 7pm.

Other nights are Friday, August 26th and the final round is set for Thursday September 1st.

Come out and support your favorite singer at this years Operation Rising Star.  It is free to attend and the winner of this competition wins $500 in cash and advances to the televised finals!