As recovery efforts for the Moore tornado continue, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF) has had the opportunity to work with and assist both small and large animal owners.  JP Fox and his family had several horses and cattle that were displaced by the May 20th storm.  Mr. Fox and his family along with volunteers were able to locate and herd several of the horses and cattle into a secure pasture that had not been impacted by the storm. However, there were several cattle that had traveled quite a distance from Mr. Fox’s property and he asked for assistance in gathering them.

Chief Jerry Flowers with the Investigative Services Divisions of ODAFF coordinated with the Oklahoma National Stockyards (ONSY) to have cowboys come out to round up the loose cattle. ONSY cowboys brought horses and lassos as well as trucks and trailers and livestock panels to catch and gather the cattle for Mr. Fox.  Cattle were caught and transported back to Mr. Fox’s property at no cost to him.  Mr. Fox offered to reimburse the ONSY cowboys but they declined any compensation for their efforts.

"The agriculture community’s response to those impacted by the recent tornadoes has been tremendous." said Blayne Arthur of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.  "There have been a variety of volunteers providing their time, services and monetary resources to assist those in need.  The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture will continue to work collaboratively with volunteers and other entities to address the emergency animal response and reunite lost animals with their owners."

For more information go to or call the lost pet hotline at (405) 837-7240.