Stoney LaRue is opening what is easily the biggest concert of the year in Texoma - The 2011 Army Concert Tour with Merle Haggard and Miranda Lambert on Saturday, July 2nd at Ft. Sill's Polo Field. Most of us a very familiar with Merle and Miranda, but unless you've followed the Red Dirt music scene you may not be as familiar with Stoney. I found a few things on his website that you may not know about him:

  1. Stoney was born in Texas, and raised in Southeast Oklahoma.
  2. At 3 years old, you could find him singing the John Anderson song "Swinging" on his Mr. Microphone.
  3. He lists a wide range of musical influences - from Willie Nelson to Ray Charles, to The Grateful Dead and Kris Kristofferson.
  4. His 2002 debut album, "Downtown", was recorded in private sessions at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa and mixed in a trailer on the side of a cliff in Bartlesville, OK.
  5. "Oklahoma Breakdown", from his 2006 "Live At Billy Bob's" album, topped the Texas charts for 4 weeks.

Stoney is on the road a LOT, performing close to 300 dates a year at top festivals and venues across the world - including the Caribbean and Europe. K-LAW 101 is glad that Ft. Sill made it on his tour schedule for this year! Check out our event page for the concert info.