Football season has yet to start and we are talking about the biggest game of the year - three years down the road. 

Hard to believe that the game which was once called the AFL–NFL World Championship, turned into a so called holiday becoming Super Bowl Sunday. And in 2016 it will reach it's Golden Anniversary.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday (May 21) announced after the owners vote, that San Francisco's new stadium in Santa Clara will have the utmost honor of hosting Super Bowl L (50).

Santa Clara's stadium which will be home to the 49'ers when it officially open for the 2014 season was running up against Miami to host the game in 2016. However, legislation in Florida did not pass to get the major renovations done to the aging Dolphins stadium. This is what the owners based their vote on. A new stadium that will have all of the new bells and whistles weighed heavy on the owners decision.

Folks all around the Bay area are excited that the attention of the entire football world and more than 100 million people watching on tv around the world will get to see the new crown jewel of stadiums be presented for the Golden Anniversary of the Super Bowl.

Ironic that just like in Super Bowl XIX - the only other NFL championship played in the Bay Area, when just like yesterday, San Francisco beat Miami. That time, 84,059 fans packed into the old Stanford Stadium to watch the 49ers defeat the Dolphins, 38-16, on Jan. 21, 1985.

Would you go to see the historic game? How much would you pay for tickets?