In the midst of a gunfight, this little boy runs through a volley of gunfire to get to his sister stranded behind a vehicle. Moving and dramatic moments caught on film.

Now I'll the first to admit, there are some aspects of the video that might raise your suspicions on the authenticity. I've watched it a few dozen times, and still can't find definitive proof of a fake. Just a few frames that could be shenanigans. Regardless, this video shows what life is like in that part of the world, and sums up the sibling relationship found across all continents.

The bond between a brother and sister runs deep. I bet you're like me... you wouldn't think twice about running into a wall of hot flying lead if it meant saving your siblings life. For most, your sister and/or brother is your first best friend. You grow up together, knowing each other better than yourselves.

Siblings have a way of cutting through your BS, calling you on your faults, and doing it so straight forward and direct, there is no way to be mad about it.

That's how my sisters are. We can go months without seeing/talking to each other, and when we do, it's like a day hasn't passed us by. We pick up on the same conversation and start a new.

So, whether the video is real or fake, it still left me with the thought to call my sisters. Think I'll have to do that and appreciate them when they answer the phone.