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Has The Honeymoon Ended For Duck Dynasty as Season 5 Starts?
Has America fallen out of love with Duck Dynasty?  As season number 5 rolls out only the 3rd episode tonight, industry people will watching closely the amount of viewers the show has. Last week the premiere of the new season was actually two shows back to back and the numbers were way down...
Duck Dynasty Announce Final Show on A&E? [VIDEO]
Just when you thought the whole Duck Dynasty thing was over, another controversy has erupted! Just recently the Robertson clan announced that they'll be leaving A&E, at this time no real information has been given as far as which, or what network will pick up the franchise.
Robertson Family’s Response – No Phil, No Deal
Main stream media and social media sites have been engulfed with opinions, as well as, community response to the network's decision to suspend the Robertson family patriarch.  The family has released it statement in support of their patriarch -- as have fans who launched a petition in…

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