Little Known Facts About The Lawton Area
August 6th is an important day in Lawton's history. It's her birthday, and this year she'll be 110.
But you probably knew that.
It's kinda strange to refer to Lawton using the words 'her' and 'she', knowing that she is named for a man - Civil War Medal Of Honor recipient, Major General Henry Ware Lawt…
Famous Landmarks in Lawton – Our Top Five
(or maybe SEVEN, we just couldn't choose)
There are 1,188 registered landmarks near Lawton for people to visit.  Most are a short drive from anywhere you are in the Sooner state.  Just here in Comanche county there are 31. Lawton/Fort Sill is home to 7 of them.  And all are easy to get to in a short …
The 2nd Annual “American Band Music Festival”
The 2nd Annual “American Band Music Festival” is currently accepting band applications.
The Holiday in the Park Committee is pleased to present the 2nd Annual “American Band Music Festival” to be held July 1st and 2nd in Elmer Thomas Park &ndash…