Horse Loves Playing in the Snow [VIDEO]
I, personally, am no longer a fan of snow. I moved south to get away from it. Oh, I don't mind if it snows as long as it's gone within a couple of days. This horse sure is enjoying the white fluffy fun!
Did You Get The Bread and Milk?
I guess because I was born in a northern state, South Dakota to be exact, I don't understand why Lawtonian's completely FREAK OUT when the weather forecast calls for a little snow or cold.  If you check the grocery store shelves at this very moment I guarantee there is not one loaf of bread or one g…
Winter Wonderland at The Mace Place
When we woke up on Sunday morning I was surprised to see all the "white" on the ground and covering our vehicles in the drive. I know the weather man "predicted" wintry precipitation but who listens to them except those that clear the shelves at Walmart the night …