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Virtual Car Show III – Best In Show
Congratulations to our Week 4 Winner - Michael Speer and his 2002 Chevy Silverado!
Here is what Michael said about his vehicle:
"Bagged on 24" custom painted paladin wheels. It has a custom paint job where graphics roll into the door james, graphics also roll off of the hood onto the fiber g…
Virtual Car Show III – Week 4 – Vote Now!
Congratulations to our Week 3 Winner: Bucky Latimer and his 1955 Chevy Bel-Air.
Here is what Bucky said about his vehicle:
"It was my Father's childhood dream to own a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air.  Five days after getting married we set out to make my father's dream come true.  My father and I worked side…
Virtual Car Show III – Week 3 – Vote Now!
Congratulations to our Week 2 Winner: Joe Hankins and his 1975 Chevy C10! Kenny Sellens gave him a run for his money with over 3,500 votes cast they were running neck and neck all week.
Here is what Joe said about his vehicle:
"Here is my Gypsy Red '75 C10. 383 with 671 and BDS EFI. Turbo 400 wit…
Virtual Car Show III – Week 2 – Vote Now!
Congratulations to our Week 1 Winner: Travis Bennett and his 2009 Dodge Challenger
Travis said "We bought it in November of 2008 and have been showing it since the first week.  Just finished adding heads and a cam to add a little more horsepower.  We love this car and the people that we have had…
Virtual Car Show III – Week 1 – Vote Now!
Our Virtual Car Show is back with the best looking cars in town. Whether it’s a new or a remodeled one we want to see it. But you, and only you, get to vote which car makes it to ‘Best in Show.' If you have not submitted your car yet - do it NOW!
Check out this week&CloseCu…
Virtual Car Show Week 4 [POLL]
It’s time to vote in our Virtual Car Show Week IV – before that we need to say congratulations to Donnie Meyer and his beautiful 2010 Ford Mustang GT which took 27% of the votes and is advancing to ‘Best of Show.’ Now check out all the great cars we have t…

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