I have always thought that the difference between men and women had to do with sports and scratching.  Seriously, we are just not that different, are we?

Until, you open the freezer.  This is the total difference between men and women: how you pack the freezer. When I am putting groceries away, my total concern is getting it in.  I have a small freezer and I always get more than it will hold.  I don't empty it out and rearrange it, I just pile it in. This is my freezer.


I have a friend (a guy) who totally freaked out when he looked at my freezer.  So I had to start asking my guy friends what they do in theirs. They rearrange. They stack stuff, they make their boxes all pile in correctly. I think it shows just how anal men are!  Here is a look at the male freezer!


Maybe men just keep less food than women do.  Ah, food for thought.

Comment and let us know which of these freezers look like yours.