Crowds of shoppers, heavy traffic, road construction, numerous holiday luncheons, a gift list that seems to be unending, management of our personal business, designing and assembling of the business float for the Christmas parade,Kids school holiday activities, kids basketball games, kids after school activities, employee Christmas Party, laundry, dishes, other housework, meal preparation, going to the bank, paying the bills, paying the bills you forgot, vehicle maintenance, feeding the goats, chickens, horses,. dogs, cats, church, roping, building a new chicken coop, finishing the fence building, meeting the work requirement of posting  and definitely not last nor least leaving for work at four dark thirty and working till two in the afternoon.........yes, can you say BUSY?

You may read all of these activities and tell me it's my fault, but in my defense it seems that no matter how hard I try I cannot reduce the number of my daily commitments.

Does anyone else have similar time management issues?

I think I am starting to see why I am inclined to be 'Grinchish' during this time of year.

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