We have been following the Chardon High School shooting and bringing you updates. As of yesterday we have found out that three of the five victims have died, and only one has been released from the hospital. The FBI and the local law enforcement have been working the case and even had a suspect in custody.

His name has been released to the public, T.J. Lane made his first statement yesterday in juvenile court when he said his victims were picked randomly.

Lane’s classmates described him as a loner and a bullied outcast, but the prosecutor on the case, David Joyce, made a televised statement short after court and he said Lane’s act was not out of rage of being bullied but a plot of a sick mind.

So far the police have released a statement saying that Lane had a .22 caliber handgun and a knife when he entered Chardon High School, his victims were found in four different locations. Lane was chased out by an adult from the school and soon after captured by the police.

Lane has not been charged yet, however, according to the prosecution’s office, the most likely charges will be three counts of aggravated murder.