Did you watch Toby Keith perform his Red Solo Cup at the ACM Awards Sunday night?  Yes, the song that EVERYONE says is the most surprise hit of all time won the ACM's Video of the Year!

David and I were watching the ACM's via fast forward because I had to record them.  (See my previous post about not being able to relax on a Sunday.)  While we were watching Toby's performance of Red Solo Cup I kept thinking "man, those people are squishing him trying to get on camera!" And there, over Toby's left shoulder to the right of your screen was none other than Wayne Newton!  I had to hit the rewind a couple of times before David actually saw him. I think everyone was focused on Carrot Top and didn't see Wayne.  I found this story about it and how Wayne Newton ended up in Toby Keith's video.

And, I got to meet Wayne Newton once. He is the nicest celebrity I have ever met.  He really keeps his focus on you while you're talking to him.  I like that. Oh, and he kissed me on the cheek!