1975 Bocephus Takes A Fall

Hank Williams Jr. has a near-fatal accident while mountain climbing in Montana. His head hits several jutting rocks as he falls 500 feet. It takes six hours for medics to reach him and deliver him to Missoula Community Hospital. After two years of surgeries and rehab, Hank Jr. was able to resume his career.

While he was climbing Ajax Peak in Montana, the snow beneath him collapsed and he fell onto rock. He suffered multiple skull and facial fractures. To hide the scars and the disfigurement from the accident, Williams grew a beard and began wearing sunglasses and a cowboy hat. The beard, hat, and sunglasses have since become his signature look, and he is rarely seen without them.

Many believe that the Nashville "establishment" began to, somewhat reluctantly, accept Williams during his recovery. This "acceptance" of his new sound led to a peak in his popularity, which had risen to levels where he could no longer be overlooked for major industry awards. Williams was prolific throughout the 1980s, sometimes recording and releasing two albums a year. "Family Tradition", "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound", High Notes, Montana Cafe, and many others resulted in a long string of hits.