I have asked this question lots of times, only to be answered with blank stares.  How can this important part of my life not be remembered?

When I was a kid, there was this little candy/drink tablet called Fizzies.  They resembled Alka-seltzer in size and the fact that when dropped in a glass of water, they would fizz to make a flavored drink.  Check out one of the original black & white commercials:

Fizzies are back with 9 flavors. The new FIZZIES Drink Tablets taste exactly as you remember them, and allow you to quickly make your own flavored, fizzy drink.

Take a look at the new ad for Fizzies:

I took an informal poll around the radio station, and of the 12 people polled, 4 remember Fizzies, 4 have heard of them, and 4 are too young to remember.  How about you?  Do you remember Fizzies?  Take our poll.