Sure, your dad saidhe didn't want anything for Father's Day, but that might also have been a not-so-subtle hint that, thanks to the last several holidays, he has quite enough ties and golf balls, thank you.

Enough of these batteries-not-required presents! Shake things up this year and give Dad a gift he'll actually appreciate. Whether he loves the great outdoors or if he describes himself as more indoorsy, there's a tech toy just waiting for him. So go ahead, get your dad one of these gifts and make yourself his favorite:



Dad likes his iPad plenty, but when it comes to your video games, he just doesn't understand them. Give Dad the gift of youth with the iCade. This iPad accessory transforms the tablet into an old-school arcade console so your dad can blow up asteroids the way man was always intended to: with a joystick.

Ion: $99.99

Lytro 8GB Camera


Back in the days of film photography, if you took a bad picture, you wouldn't find out until the roll was developed. Then came the digital revolution, and each photo could be instantly evaluated. If your dad likes to be on the cutting edge of technology, the Lytro camera is the future of photography. This transformational camera allows the user to focus after the picture's been taken, which means each photo can be manipulated and refocused any number of times. In fact, even if Dad takes a picture of you that you hate, you can refocus the print so you're the blurry background. Everybody wins.

Lytro: $399



Believe it or not, there are still places where cell phones become useless pieces of plastic and aluminum. If your dad longs for the great outdoors, a pair of 23-mile-range walkie-talkies is the perfect gift. And if it turns out that his weekends get stuck being more bargain hunting than deer hunting, walkie-talkies will even make a trip to the mall more fun.

Amazon: $47.38

Nootropic Design Defusable Alarm Clock

AC Gears

Waking up for work is no fun, but if you have to get up in the morning, at least start your day like John McClane. The Defusable Alarm Clock can act like a regular alarm clock, or it can be put in countdown-sequence mode, where you have 10 seconds to pull out the right wire or the clock will "detonate." This clock is a build-it-yourself project that dads who like to tinker will love, and it's even hackable so Dad can reprogram it however he wants.

Senso Glove

Golf Grinder

For the real golfer, 18 holes isn't just a game, it's a lifestyle. Success or failure on the course can mean the difference between a good day and a bad month. Increase your dad's odds of a good day with the SensoGlove. This high-tech handpiece measures the golfer's grip on the club and gives instant feedback on how to improve his swing. Just wait until after he's used it to ask to borrow the car.

8mm Retro Digital Camera

Audio Cube

You can handle it at a graduation or wedding, but Dad's insistence on bringing out the video camera for every family function can get a bit tiring. With this tiny retro-designed digital camera, you won't just update Dad's technology, you'll update his whole look. This camera will transform Dad from cringe-worthy to cool. And who knows, his family documentary might even win some awards.

Grill Alert


One of the best parts of summer is the ability to break out the grill again. Even if your dad is an accomplished outdoor chef, no one wants to have to stand for hours at the side of a hot grill on an already sweltering day. With the Grill Alert, you can give your dad the gift of freedom. He can even go inside to the air conditioning, and this wireless remote will let him know when the meat has reached the perfect temperature.

Brookstone: $69.99

iPong Table-Tennis Training Buddy


Your dad used to love playing ping-pong—until, that is, you started to beat him. Give him a chance to catch up to your skills with the iPong Table-Tennis Training Buddy. This machine shoots out ping-pong balls at the speed and frequency that the user sets, allowing for you to increase the difficulty as you improve. Next stop, Olympics.

Amazon: $115

Solar Laptop Charger

Eco Geek

Outdoorsy doesn't have to be synonymous with disconnected. With the solar laptop charger, dad can take his computer with him to whichever outlet-free location he wants and he'll never have to worry about draining all of his power. This gift is also great for any dad who likes to keep his energy bills low (in other words, all of them).