What's going on?

Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge
Today marks the 82nd Anniversary of one of the only ways to get to San Francisco, California, The Golden Gate Bridge.  It's a huge accomplishment for a bridge that 'couldn't be built'.
Guy Teases Seagulls With French Fries!
You have to see this hilarious video of a guy teasing seagulls with french fries. He keeps throwing french fries in his car up on the dash near the windshield and the birds keep trying to eat them through the glass.
Who has the Best Burger?
We know that this poll has been done before, but with more and more choices for Burgers make their way into Lawton, the decision needs to be made again.
Open Streets 2019
It's a beautiful day in downtown Lawton and Mother Nature is finally giving us a break! Open Streets 2019 has officially started and will be going on until 2:00pm this afternoon.