Oklahomans always trust their staple restaurants. Especially those delicious local mom-and-pop eateries. But what about chain restaurants? Does trustworthiness play a role in what chain restaurant Okies eat at?

Nowadays, if you're not sure about a restaurant, you can just hop on Google reviews and see if it's worth your time. More often then not, people who have eaten at that restaurant will have told you exactly what their experience was like, good or bad, in their review. If restaurants have a good review, that will generally increase trustworthiness. Whereas a few bad reviews will keep people from trying a restaurant at all.


But can a whole chain of restaurants be deemed 'least trustworthy?'

According to an article from the retail news site Chain Store Age, a whole chain of restaurants can actually be the least trusted among consumers. A study by Clarify Capital surveyed 1,000 Americans about their trustworthiness of brands.

It found that over 90 percent of those surveyed agreed that trust makes them more likely to eat at a restaurant or purchase goods from a business. While 49 percent said trustworthiness of an eatery or brand makes them more likely to recommend a place or product.


What Oklahoma restaurant is America's least-trustworthy?

When asked about restaurants, those surveyed said they most trusted Pizza Hut (40 percent), KFC (39 percent) and McDonald's (37 percent). As for least trustworthy, Oklahomans will be shocked by one of the restaurants. This restaurant was founded in Oklahoma and is a part of Oklahoman's everyday lives.

Those surveyed found Panera Bread as the most least-trustworthy restaurant by 20 percent, followed by Chipotle and Sonic Drive-in, both at 18 percent.

Does Sonic give Oklahomans trust issues??

This result can be shocking to Oklahomans. We all love Sonic, and we all frequent Sonic at least once a day. But Oklahomans will have to admit that they do have their favorite Sonic. And there are some Sonics they don't trust because of even one bad experience. So can Oklahomans really blame those surveyed?

Still, it's hard to believe for an Oklahoman that Sonic is considered one of the least-trusted restaurants in the entire country.

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