Kat Von D claims ex-fiancé Jesse James cheated on her with 19 women. James, of course, cemented his reputation as a cad after details of his serial philandering while married to ex-wife Sandra Bullock came out. While the entire world knows James will stray like a lost cat, we think the ‘Monster Garage’ host is an ideal match for any single woman looking for Mr. Right. Here’s why:

1. As his main squeeze, you can figure out if he has more tattoos or mistresses.

2. You know going in he’s not the nicest guy, so there are no surprises. His name is Jesse James, not George Washington.

3. We’re pretty sure you can make a relationship with James last longer than you can with Kim Kardashian.

4. James cheated on Von D with 19 women. He’s clearly losing his touch. It’s just a matter of time before he’s down to only a dozen.

5. You’ll never have a problem getting a table at a restaurant when you tell the maître d you’re with the guy who finished in third place on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’

6. You know how married couples settle into a boring routine? That won’t be a problem with James. Everyday will be an adventure where you’re wondering if he was telling the truth when he said he just had to run out for some milk.

7. If women like the challenge of changing a man, then getting into a long-term relationship with James would be the “splitting the atom” of the battle of the sexes.

8. If you’re looking for women to start a book club, he has a nice rolodex of names to get you started.

9. He’s more than willing to fill in for you at the local PTA meeting. There are plenty of women at those gatherings.

10. James won’t cheat on you, mostly because there are no women left to cheat with.