Walker Hayes has so many great songs beyond his crossover hit "Fancy Like," including several that will keep you shaking in all the right ways.

This list of Walker Hayes' best songs includes "Fancy Like," but it's not No. 1. Longtime fans of the singer-songwriter know him as a man who can make you cry as easily as he can make you dance. "Craig" and "Halloween" are two of his most emotional efforts, but the No. 1 song on this list is special because it combines everything he does well into one beautiful tribute.

The Alabama native is a new artist to some, but in reality, he's been scratching and clawing for well over a decade. Before diving into his best songs, it's important you know his story: A decade ago, the 41-year-old was a very different kind of singer. He struck out after just one album on Capitol Nashville and was all but banished from Music Row. With a wife and a quickly growing family, he took jobs wherever he could to pay the bills, but often came up short.

A battle with alcohol made this dark time in his life even darker. That's something he'll admit he still struggles with today. Hayes is one of the most honest songwriters in Nashville, as willing to talk openly about his demons and his family (six kids, plus one lost shortly after childbirth) as he is how he finds rhymes and beats.

Find 12 songs from his expansive catalog below and then decide: What's your favorite Walker Hayes song?

12 Walker Hayes' Songs "Fancy Like" Fans Will Love

Fans of Walker Hayes' "Fancy Like" need to know about these songs, too. The hitmaker has been in Nashville for nearly two decades, one failed recording contract, a flirtation with being broke and an alcohol addiction. That's a lot to write about, and he does so in the most accessible ways. What's your favorite Walker Hayes song? Find links to each in the description.

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